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The food category is a challenge for everyone!
I've been there before--You ran that one last errand after picking up the kids, or you rushed to that child's lesson. Now it's 5 pm and you have a car full of hangry people. And you're getting grumpy, too!

It's been a long day. You run through the lack-luster dinner options at home in your mind.

....You were going to make that favorite meal but you forgot to pull the meat out of the freezer......ugh!

...You just went to the grocery store yesterday, so there must be something you can make.....You forgot one ingredient each for the three meals you were planning....ugh!

...Cold cereal?....ugh!

Those fast food restaurants are all looking pretty beautiful right about now. $35 seems totally worth it to simmer down the Baby Hulks that are raging in the back seat and in your own head... You give in. Crisis averted!

And once again you are putting those last few expenses on your credit card at the end of the month. Those chicken nugget and taco stops have once again sabotaged your plans to get ahead this month! Ugh!

You're also frustrated about your family's health.

You're beating yourself up for not being disciplined enough.

You're fighting with your spouse over money. Again.


Why must we need to eat at all???!!!
I created this guide with my top tricks and tips to help you out!
I HATE to cook. I love good food. AND, our growing family has been on tight budget for over 15 years. Some years have been SUPER tight.

Finding something my whole family is happy...willing to eat without spending all our money on food can feel like a hair-pulling ordeal. And since I don't have adult reinforcements at dinner time, a plan has been especially important for our success.

But with the tools and tactics I provide in this guide, I have been able to create a plan in every stage of life that meets all our needs.

The good news is: The simple efforts upfront sure are WORTH IT. You will meet the witching hour each day with a solid plan that supports your goals.

Sometimes a plan can be a super power.

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In this guide you will learn:
A flexible, professional mindset

Guidelines for a successful budget
Tricks to combat common sabotours
Options that satisfy your belly AND your budget
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